El Conquistador Resort


Achieve your fitness goals, gain strength or improve your flexibility with our range of modern equipment, Movement Studio and team of fitness specialists.

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Improve your fitness and stamina levels with an array of classes:

  • Circuit Training– Express, Full Body Workout delivering serious results.
  • Cycle – Climbing, intervals and endurance.
  • TRX– Anti-gravity training, endorsed by US Navy Seals and US Olympic athletes.
  • Synrgy – Put your body to the test with the Synrgy360s: a system hosting three customizable exercise spaces with cable motion training, reaction training & boxing.
  • Signature Yoga– A dynamic practice restoring energy and spirit.


Our personal trainers will help you design a routine that’s right for you. Exercise is hard work and our personal trainers have the right tools to make your workout program a success and keep you feeling great!

  • One on One Personal Training– Hire one of our fitness professionals to find a new twist on an old workout or simply get motivated to start working toward your goals.
  • 30 Minute Rev-Up– Let us pump you up with a 30 minute workout custom designed to get you motivated!
  • Exercise Prescription– At this private consultation with a fitness professional, you will receive a personalized exercise program including flexibility, cardiovascular and strength training components. Designed for a person in need of an exercise program or those looking to modify their current program.
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